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World Art Day: Art is Important to our Society

It is hardly possible to separate art from human society. Art is both an abstract and a physical product of an imaginative society. Long as humans think beyond the ordinary mind, as in painting, music, illustration, theatre, fine art, or in photography, art will continue to establish itself across civilizations. This is why we have World Art Day.

When is World Art Day?

World Art Day falls on April 15 and is celebrated yearly.

What is Art?

Art can be a complex concept to define, but it is very capable to create simple, practical implications that educate, inform, distill or advocate. Societies across the globe have continued to pass lifelong messages through art. Through dancing, a performing art, a happy attitude can be spread among an audience. Art, in its styles or forms, is granted from, and equally creates diverse perspectives in the human mind. It is correct to also say that societies can also receive incredible capacity of information from art, with a tendency to broadly express itself.

World Art Day and Society

Societies for ages have always used art as a medium of influence and a mode of communion between the physical or with the beyond. From Apollo who the Greeks worshipped – a god of medicine and poetry, Art has continued to represent a power of creative essence to communicate across society and with the intersectionality of structures. 

Art as medicine as Apollo puts it means ‘it heals’. Good humor can bring two conflicting armed opposition to a middle ground. It can heal depression and grievances. Art as in poetry is pregnable; it attracts and transmits wisdom. Stimulating human thoughts, art creativities in the course of human history are products of different environments, geography, or civilizations. 

Since the Homohabilis, when tools were invented and used by the upright working man, art has continued to gain unending patronage by humans and it has continued to widen its horizons. The history, usage, and exploration of art can be said to be about 2.6 million years ago when an evolutionary set of humans invented tools for domestic use. The advancement of civilizations has led to the wide array and genius possibilities that art has grown into.

The Artist’s Power

It is undeniably true that socialization influences an artist’s power of imagination and productivity. This is the psycho-sociological factor of art and its impact on societies. The level of development of a person’s psychic has determined the conscience of art that would be produced.

Society, the social structure that an artist exists within, defines the best form of or background of artistry excellence. Childhood experiences and the worldview around an artist will continue to be a critical bearing for the potentiality an artwork beholds.

It is therefore why Jacques Barzun, a French-American historian once consolidated that “art is power…it transmits the ideals of a community now living, long past, or soon to be born.”

World Art Day and Sociology

From another worldview on this subject, ‘Sociology itself is a form of art’. Sociology takes a specialized treatment view of everyday life. It applies home-based diagnostic remedies, to amplify or refine the pleasures of life. In a modified state, sociology as a field of study enhances the ambitious concept of performing art,  visual art, liberal art, and its relatedness to society, even vice versa.

Final Thoughts on World Art Day

Across all stratification of the physical or natural society, it is not difficult to see art established in other spheres. In economics, politics, military, within every cultural identity, etcetera etcetera, it has only appeared that man will always find his path decorated, as he makes use of materials to create, communicate or establish meanings or make history.

This is why a day, WORLD ART DAY is kind and used to reemphasize the inseparable, resourcefulness of art and its impact on society; art itself is any invention coming from a doing mind. In this age, art is business, it is huge and significant to the makeup and the free existence of the global world.

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Ayodele Aduwo

Ayodele Aduwo is a guest contributor o Applied Worldwide