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Aduwo Ayodele: Nigerian Writers Lift

Welcome to our Nigerian Writers Lift! In this campaign we aim to promote the profiles of Nigerian writers. With this mission we have begun to search out all of the accomplished writers of Nigeria and provide a platform for those authors to share their personal stories, accomplishments, and advice. In this profile you will meet Aduwo Ayodele! Please follow the campaign on Instagram @applied_worldwide_ng or on Facebook at Applied Worldwide Nigeria!

Author Profile: Aduwo Ayodele

I started writing with concern for the deprived society I grew up in. My interest ultimately was aroused upon discovering that my creative writings were communicating and providing an opportunity to resolve many grievances. It is on this note that I have continued to enjoy it as an art. You can read a more complete biography of Aduwo Ayodele’s writing experience in his author profile!

Publications, Achievements, and Awards

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Best Advice for Aspiring Writers in Nigeria

My biggest advice has been to always broaden my horizon.

Aduwo Ayodele

Connect With Aduwo Ayodele

You can connect with Aduwo Ayodele on Twitter at @aduwogab.