Applied Worldwide Nigeria first came about as a sister-site to Applied Worldwide, an international digital publication focused on applied sociology. Since its inception, this blog has formed a unique identity outside of Applied Worldwide’s, and is one of the fastest growing lifestyle blogs in Nigeria.

Lateefah Rufai, Applied Worldwide Nigeria’s Editor-in-Chief, first became involved with Applied Worldwide as a guest contributor when she began writing for the publication in 2020. Within a couple of years, Lateefah had graduated with her Bachelor’s degree and moved into the world of user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design. With her growing skillset, she enthusiastically joined the start-up of Applied Worldwide Nigeria as the website and social media manager. Soon, Lateefah began sourcing 100% of the content across the site, solidifying her role as Editor-in-Chief here at Applied Worldwide Nigeria.

Our mission as a digital publication is to empower Nigerians to create positive change in their communities through the ever-evolving world of digital content. With the combined efforts of Lateefah and guest contributors, Applied Worldwide Nigeria is on its way to earning well-deserved attention from lifestyle content consumers across the nation.

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