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Meeting Lateefah Rufai for a Nigerian Writers Lift

Welcome to our Nigerian Writers Lift! In this campaign we will promote the profiles of Nigerian writers. We are searching out all of the accomplished writers of Nigeria and provide a platform for those authors to share their personal stories, accomplishments, and advice. In this profile you will meet Lateefah Rufai. Please follow the campaign on Instagram @applied_worldwide_ng or on Facebook at Applied Worldwide Nigeria!

Author Profile: Lateefah Rufai

When I was a kid, I used to enjoy reading so much. I mean, I spent most of my free time in primary and high school to source or read novels. I remember how much I enjoy exchanging books with my peers. And, I also used to save up my daily allowance to buy books. At that young age, I asked myself how authors strung words together in a manner that gets the readers stuck. That also struck my interest in writing.

And, I happened to find myself in a department (Sociology) that encouraged critical thinking and writing extensively.

These are the reasons why I decided to start writing. Initially, I wanted to write fiction but as time went on, I decided to stick with content that is non fiction. I also happen to be someone who speaks less but enjoys writing. I mean, I do not like phone calls or chit-chats, I prefer to text or write, cause I find myself to be very expressive when it comes to writing down my thoughts.

Publications, Achievements, and Awards

As a writer who fully dove into the writing world courtesy of Applied Worldwide, I have written original articles that are ranking no. 1 on Google.

Some of these articles are The Ilorin Durbar Festival, Sociology in Nigeria, and Rise of Women in Tech.

Best Advice for Aspiring Writers in Nigeria

The best piece of writing advice I have gotten was during my undergraduate year studying sociology. When it’s almost time for exams, and students start having exam fever, a lecturer often tells us to not be scared. Instead, we should try to be objective with our research and that will enable us to write as much as we can. And not only would we be writing, but we will be writing useful pieces that will earn us good grades.

Lateefah Rufai
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