Side Hustle: the Start-Up, Growth, and Profit

The wish of everyone is that they increase their income as much as possible. The insatiability of human wants calls for this. Thus, human survival instincts suggest that aside from the regular full-time job we have, we should get one or more things to do that can help augment income. The additional income augmentation strategy is thus called a side hustle. A side hustle is an extra exercise one performs to earn more income without affecting one’s main job.

Examples of some common side hustles include network marketing, graphics and designing, affiliate marketing, freelancing, teaching, baking, manual jobs, etc. 

Side hustle

A side hustle can be done digitally or physically, this is feasible as the world has gone digital. 

The Start-up of Side Hustle

Starting up a side hustle is not so difficult however the needed requirements vary from one business type to another, as the duty differs also. 

The major and most common criterion for starting up an online side hustle is a smartphone with a stable internet connection. Some, however, may require a laptop with internet connection.

For a non-digital side hustle, one does not need much. All that is needed is the experience that is required to run the task. For instance, a baker needs only to know how to bake and then, sell whatever he or she bakes.

Starting up a side hustle starts with selecting what side hustle one would exactly do. That alone might be tasking or confusing. However, it is good if one chooses a side hustle that goes in line with one’s interest.

After successfully selecting one choice of hustle, the next thing to do is to learn the basics of such a job. Learning the basics will usually require that one pays another individual who has been doing the job before to teach them.

However, some side hustles might not need this because some people are already familiar with what they entail. For instance, a student or a graduate of English studies might not need to be put through the basics of content writing.

Also, a lady whose mother sells cakes might find it easier to bake because of the background knowledge she has already. 

If the basics are therefore mastered, the start-up is completed. One can continue practicing it. 

The Growth

The journey of being a side hustler might be both cheap and, as well, costly. You can start cheaply but, usually, one needs to build up his or her skills to make more income.

Building up one’s skills is almost similar to building a career. It is called a side hustle and thus, it is expected to be flexible. Nevertheless, it requires hard work to attain the level at which one would have truly mastered everything that is to be mastered.

Furthermore, one needs consistency, dedication, and commitment. Consistency, with the help of time, reveals things that one does not know before. Therefore, for one to grow in side hustling, one has to be dedicated and ready to spend quality time. 


Making money from side hustles can be very very interesting. Sometimes, one could earn better from side hustles than from a regular job because side hustles can be very profitable.

To make a profit from one’s side hustle, one gets hired by people who are aware that one does the particular type of job. One can also get through jobs through connections with the guys who have a better understanding of the job, as they might have overflowing jobs to give out. 

Apart from these, another interesting way to get profit from side hustling, for online side hustles, is to get registered on online platforms that offer the ground to sell one’s services online and get paid. 

All that is needed to be done is to register and follow protocols. Read the terms and conditions and one will get offers from those who need one’s services.

To work on these platforms, one has to read their terms and conditions carefully before moving forward to account creation and profit making.

For non-digital side hustles, making a profit is not usually about having a very good strategy that will allow one to work outside one’s regular job activities without unnecessary interference.

Then, one must have good knowledge and experience about the job exactly so that one’s products and services will be exceptional.

After this, one needs to know the strategic positions that will drive sales for those who are selling products. And for those who are selling services, they need to know those who will hire them and work with them. 

If one sells products like edibles, one might as well need to know the act of advertisement and good customer relations. This will help to have great sales.

Conclusively, a side hustle is a great way to earn and increase one’s income. However, if one does not carefully learn, one might not make it there. Thus, it’s good to go for value first, then earn.