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Promoting Nigerian Writers: #NigerianWritersLift

Applied Worldwide Nigeria is proud to launch our Nigerian Writers Lift campaign. The idea of a writers lift comes from similar campaigns on social media, often associated with the hashtag #WritersLift. In these posts writers are given space to shamelessly promote their own writing. Sometimes #WritersLift is associated with hashtags like #ShamelessSelfPromo or #ShamelessSelfPromoThursday.

The idea of a writers lift is democratic. It does not matter if you have just a few social media followers or if you have thousands. Everyone’s involvement in promoting their own work and sharing the work of other writers is a fantastic way to improve the overall community for Nigerian writers.

Nigerian Writers Lift Campaign

For our Nigerian Writers Lift, we have created a short form for writers to fill out. In the form we ask about how you became interested in writing, what advice you have for other writers, and—of course—we ask you to shamelessly self promote your own work. You are free to mention your own publications, websites, or blogs. Make sure to let our readers know how to connect with you and where they can purchase or read your work.

If you are a Nigerian writer, we invite you to fill out the form linked below and participate in the campaign!

Most importantly though, make sure to retweet, repost, and share the work of other writers with your friends, families and colleagues. The goal of this campaign is to improve the visibility of Nigerian writers across search engines and social media. In order for this writers lift to have a lasting impact in the Nigerian writing community, we all have to participate in sharing these writer’s profiles on our own social media accounts. Remember to use the hashtag #NigerianWritersLift, so we can all find these posts and share them! See an example of Hassan Idris’s profile for the campaign for a better idea of what you can expect.

Final Thoughts on Nigerian Writer’s Lift

Thank you for your time and participation in our Nigerian Writers Lift!!! We look forward to meeting and shamelessly promoting all of the great writers of Nigeria.