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Eva Nkanta: Nigerian Writers Lift

Welcome to our Nigerian Writers Lift! In this campaign we aim to promote the profiles of Nigerian writers. With this mission we have begun to search out all of the accomplished writers of Nigeria and provide a platform for those authors to share their personal stories, accomplishments, and advice. In this profile you will meet Eva Nkanta. Please follow the campaign on Instagram @applied_worldwide_ng or on Facebook at Applied Worldwide Nigeria!

Author Profile: Eva Nkanta

Growing up, I was a child who really didn’t fit in, had little to no friends and found it hard to vividly express myself. I had so much bottled in as a result of this.

At age 11 thereabout, I started keeping journals, Diaries; though I got into a lot of trouble doing this because African parents have zero regards for privacy hence each time my parents stumbled on mine I get questioned. The act of keeping diary enabled me to express myself and as I grew older, I grew more love for writing.

Writing to me is freedom, most especially storytelling.

Publications, Achievements, and Awards

I don’t have any published work out there, though I’m working on my first novel and it should be out by July. However, I recently opened an Instagram page where I post my poems, quotes and diary entry.

Best Advice for Aspiring Writers in Nigeria

Sincerely? I haven’t really received any advice, a few friends who read my work tell me that it’s good. And most of my clients love my work.

Eva Nkanta

Connect with Eva Nkanta

Facebook: Diary of a crazy writer

Twitter: @DiaryofACW

Instagram: Diary of a crazy writer