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Mubarak Said: Nigerian Writers’ Lift

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Author Profile: Mubarak Said

Mubarak Said: Nigerian Writers' Lift

My writing journey:

In the early days of my life, I happened to be a bookworm and a curious reader and this made me form good friendships with librarians. But even once I never dreamt of becoming a writer. I love reading story books and anything relating to history, after all, I’m so determined to study sciences. Until late 2020 when I’m in my last year in secondary school. I and my other colleagues; are occasionally given topics to write essays on by our English HOD, Mrs. Hussaina Mallums, at GSSS Gombe. Who became so generous and helpful to everyone that is ready to learn.

Her actions of editing, correcting, and criticizing our writings; light up the burning fire of literature’s lust within me. Despite being my school representative in many science quizzes and on occasions emerged a winner in many of them. I also represent my school in some essay writing competitions. I was inspired to deeply fall in love with writings and Poetry by a fellow writer and a best friend turned mentor: Salim Yakubu Akko.

Salim is a good-hearted and generous friend. He stands before me in all my successes in my journey to writing. He mostly advises me and corrects my mistakes whenever I make one. In my early days of writing I read a number of books and among the books that I have in fact in doubling my enthusiasm is Adamu Usman Garko’s “When Day Breaks”. I read, read, and reread it, the first time I found it more complicating to comprehend its contents but finally, I do. I enrolled in some free writing coaching online, mostly on Facebook; benefited a lot from them. And joined the Gombe Jewel writers association, a literary body in Gombe.

Publications, Achievements, and Awards

I participated in the 2020 ANCOPPS essay writing competition and emerge as a winner. My write-ups, essays, and poems have been accepted and published in many national and international magazines and newspapers including Daily trust, Opinion Nigeria, Susa Africa, Applied worldwide, world voices magazine, Teenlit journal, Daily companion, The pinecone review, Beatnikcowboy, and ILA magazine.

Best Advice for Aspiring Writers in Nigeria

“Mubarak, try, and you will make it” this is the best advice I received from Salim and it has been working for me in all my writing struggles. My father is always telling me; that before I get the needful in whatever I’m doing I must work hard and pray. I also received many encouraging pieces of advice from my teachers Muhammad Tukur and Abdullahi Idris and my uncle Abdullahi A Hamza.

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