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Places to Visit in Nigeria: Top Nigeria Travel Destinations

December is a momentous time to enjoy thrilling adventures with your family, friends, and loved ones in a festive spirit. Going on vacation or a visit in Nigeria with your family can make this year’s celebration memorable. And our beloved country is blessed with fascinating Nigeria Travel destinations you can visit this Christmas, or any time throughout the year.

From beaches and animal reserve parks to incredible rocks and varieties of natural and artificial phenomena. The list of places you can visit in Nigeria this Christmas is endless. This article will cover some riveting places in Nigeria where you can hang out with your family this Christmas to make it an unforgettable experience.

7 Breathtaking Places to Visit in Nigeria this December

As December nears, let’s embark on a journey through Nigeria’s enchanting landscapes. Imagine the soothing embrace of Ikogosi Warm Spring in Ekiti, the awe-inspiring Aso Rock in Abuja, and the tranquility of Obudu Mountain Resort. For the nature enthusiasts, Yankari National Reserve Park in Bauchi beckons.

Join us in discovering seven breathtaking places that promise to make your December unforgettable. Pack your bags, bring your loved ones, and let the exploration begin! Nigeria awaits with open arms and unparalleled beauty.

1: Ikogosi Warm Spring, Ekiti State, Nigeria

Places to visit in Nigeria
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Lying at the heart of Ekiti State is the impressive confluence where cold and hot water meet. Many Nigerians have only heard about this place from the news and media.

Visiting here can be a savvy vacation decision if you want to feel the immerse beauty of Mother Nature in Nigeria. The community has dedicated restrooms and hotels for accommodation if you’re staying longer. During the visit, you can tour the location, take pictures and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the water meeting point.

2: Aso Rock, Abuja

Aso Rock, Abuja
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Aso Rock is a gigantic monolith with a peak height of 926 meters above sea level. One of the advantages of visiting this place is that it is close to other prominent buildings in the federal capital territory, like the Nigerian Presidential Complex, the Nigerian Supreme Court, and the Nigerian National Assembly. Visiting and climbing this monumental monolith is a friendly way of peeking at the state overall and seeing the beauty of the federal capital territory from another perspective.

3: Obudu Mountain Resort, A Great Place to Visit in Nigeria

Obudu Mountain Resort
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Obudu is perfect if you want to enjoy an atmospheric Christmas with your family. During the visit, you can hike, go horse riding, play golf or watch others. You can also enjoy luxurious spa sessions, and free use of the tennis, basketball, and Gymnastic court. This resort has accommodations for visitors who want to stay longer and their food services are excellent and tasty. Obudu Resort is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you should have on your to-do list with your family this December.

4: The Yankari National Reserve Park, Bauchi State, Nigeria

Yankari game reserve
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The wonders of the animals in this large wildlife park are a must-see for nature and animal lovers in Nigeria. The Bauchi Native reserve park was created in 1956 to protect wildlife in the state. And later in 1991, it was redesigned to become the Nigerian National park. It has a conducive environment with over 350 bird species including the likes of grey hornbill and guinea fowl among a host of others. The wildlife houses seven natural springs and varieties of flora and fauna.

The Yankari was said to be home to early human civilization because of the appearance of some tools and human inscriptions carved around the location. The Yankari reserve park is home to over 50 mammal species including Elephants, Olive Baboons, and West African Lions. It is regarded by tourist agencies as having the largest populations of different animal species in west Africa. This is a good place to enjoy and support wildlife in Nigeria over the Christmas season.

5: Lekki Conservation Center, Lagos, Nigeria

Lekki Conservation Center
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The expansive 78-hectare Lekki Conservation Center (LCC) offers tourists travel opportunities as well as other ways to take in the magnificent surroundings. The conservation center is run by the Nigerian Conservative Foundation for regulatory and development purposes. During your visit, you can participate in the famous canopy walk and look at different species of fish, crocodiles, and monkeys.

This community has houses and family huts for relaxation. Visitors can also participate in floor games and beach volleyball games with friends. They have distinguished food restaurants around the district if you ever get famished and need something to eat during your visit. The ticket prices are fair, and a visit to Lekki Conservation Center this Christmas can be a nice way of enjoying this wonderful place. But if you’re coming to LCC in December, it’s best to book your reservations in advance to guarantee your place.

6: Olumorin Erin Ijesha Waterfalls, Osun, Ekiti State

Erin-Ijesha waterfall
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The Erin-Ijesha waterfall, one of Nigeria’s special wonders, is situated in the Oriade local government area of Osun state. The Olumirin Waterfall features seven waterfalls that approach one another from different angles. The waterfalls span through Osun State and Ekiti State. Visiting these waterfalls will lead you through the waterfalls across the two neighboring states because
they’re interlinked by the seventh waterfall, which is located at Abake village in Ekiti state. During visits, you can go on hikes and jaunts with your family.

With the help of a knowledgeable guide, you can also take an expedition through the waterfalls in their different locations. The environment is refreshing, and it’s even better during the holiday season. It’s a nice place to go if you want to enjoy something refreshing with your family this December. You should always remember to bring your bathing suit and other necessary items before visiting.

7: Millennium Park, Abuja

millenium park, Abuja

The Millennium Park in Abuja is another fantastic tourist destination where you can have fun with your family this December. It was commissioned by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and it is situated in the Maitama neighborhood.

The activities at the locations are entertaining, and there are numerous spaces where your kids and family can have all their fun to make your holiday season memorable.

Conclusion on Astonishing Places to Visit in Nigeria

December brings joy and excitement because it makes sharing happy experiences with your family and loved ones easily.

The locations above are fascinating places in Nigeria that you can add to your to-do list this festive period. Make sure to check accommodation prices, securities, and costs before setting out for any of these adventures this December.

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Frequently Asked Questions about December Travel in Nigeria

Is December a good time to travel to Nigeria?

Yes, December is generally considered a good time to travel to Nigeria. The weather is often dry, and various festivals, events, and celebrations take place during this festive season.

What are the weather conditions in Nigeria during December?

December falls within the dry season in Nigeria, characterized by relatively lower humidity and minimal rainfall. The weather is typically warm and suitable for outdoor activities.

What cultural festivals or events occur in Nigeria during December?

Nigeria hosts various cultural festivals and events in December, including the Calabar Carnival in Calabar, the Eyo Festival in Lagos, and numerous Christmas and New Year celebrations across the country.

Are there specific travel destinations recommended for December in Nigeria?

Popular travel destinations in Nigeria for December include Lagos for its vibrant city life and festivals, Calabar for the Calabar Carnival, Abuja for cultural events, and resort destinations like Obudu Mountain Resort and Tinapa Resort.

What are some outdoor activities available for travelers in December?

Travelers in Nigeria can engage in outdoor activities like beach outings, hiking in places like Obudu Mountain Resort, exploring nature reserves, and attending outdoor festivals and events.

Is December a peak tourist season in Nigeria?

Yes, December is considered a peak tourist season in Nigeria due to the festive celebrations, cultural events, and favorable weather conditions. It’s advisable to plan and book accommodations in advance.

What precautions should travelers take during December travel in Nigeria?

Travelers should be mindful of the festive season’s increased activities and plan accordingly. It’s advisable to book accommodations early, be cautious in crowded areas, and stay updated on any travel advisories.

Can travelers experience traditional Nigerian cuisine during December travel?

Yes, travelers can explore traditional Nigerian cuisine during December travel. Local markets, street food vendors, and restaurants offer a variety of Nigerian dishes, providing an opportunity to savor the country’s rich culinary heritage.

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