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Youth of Nigeria: Reshaping the Country for the Future

The vitality of the present youth in shaping the fortunes of Nigeria is an indisputable fact with viable indication to be a fruitful foray if the right measures are put in place. There are numerous roles the youth of Nigeria can play to shape the future for better. But, the question is, are they ready to transform themselves to be the real champions of change in the country?

The youths are the strong pillars of any country, anything they do has a direct impact on the community and indeed the country at large. It is in their right to decide whether to augment the status of the country in a way that the world would admire or to ruin the country of the little in her possession. Unfortunately, it is very disheartening that contemporary youths are faced with problems that in abundance, including but not limited to ethnic and religious rivalries. Most discussions on youth problems are focused on issues such as kidnapping, banditry, violence, lack of employment, sexuality and poverty. These issues constitute hindrances to the growth of the country.

It is without doubt that even with the prevalence of problems associated with youths, there are still those who prove to be exceptional and worthy of leadership positions. Therefore, if we want to overcome those problems, first of all, we have to begin by electing more reasonable and intellectual youths with records of community service into political positions in the country. Once youths are in such positions, they will awaken youth awareness and collaborate for something better in the society and the country at large. Then, such problems plaguing the youths of today would be easily solved, since bad governance is the root of most (if not all) of our problems in Nigeria.

Government should also orchestrate programmes on youth enlightenment and create diverse platforms that would guide them towards a righteous path, and organize workshops that would be facilitated by professionals. Media outlets should also organize programmes and discussions with youths’ representatives and government officials as well. If this should be done, a lot of problems faced by youths may be solved.

Government should also provide youths with the relevant skills or business ideas that would empower them independently. This should be closely monitored so that corrupt people won’t siphon the provisions into their pockets for their own selfish interests. Once skill acquisition schemes are properly funded, the rate of unemployment would be drastically reduced as these new entrepreneurs would employ their younger ones to work with them.

Parents and security agencies should collaborate in motivating youths to be good ambassadors of their society so as to make their future brighter. Parents should cooperate and collaborate with security agencies towards having a sound society by promptly alerting them on any strange or suspicious things, that will retrogress the peace and development of the community. The security agencies, on their own part should welcome and listen heedfully to the youths when such things that might cause civil unrest are reported to them.

Furthermore, youths should be educated, many schools have collapsed due to weak infrastructure and poor educational systems. Government should introduce programmes that will promote learning and develop learning centres. Competent teachers should be employed, because they are the backbones of education. Educating youths will help in curbing a lot of challenges facing them, Government at all levels must come together and coordinate responses and activities in the educational sector. Governments at all levels need to be committed to delivering a high quality and standard of education across the country.

In the same vein, parents are to provide the basic needs and show kind support towards educating their children.

Conclusively, Government should encourage youths to embark on agriculture by providing them with the needed facilities of modern farming. Being a farmer can fetch you huge earnings too. Besides that, it will help reduce the rate of inflation on the prices of crops in the market and consequently reduce poverty in the country. The youths should eliminate the mindset of wanting to work with the government. The government cannot provide for everyone, as such, the youths must be very eager to chat paths for their intellectual and financial independence.

May Nigeria be a better place!

Muhammad Muddathir Salihu

Muhammad Muddathir Salihu is a poet, short story writer and essayist from Gombe. He is also best of poet of year by international cultural forum for humanity and creativity and a finalist for jewel peace project. He has been published by both local and international magazines, including the world voices magazine.