Thoughts on Nigeria’s Aged Long Insecurity

Insecurity in Nigeria

It is disheartening to know that insecurity in Nigeria continues to worsen by day and by night in some parts of the country. Among many recurring yet insidiously deplorable events, the Sokoto “tragedy” is still fresh in our memories. One may, for instance, think that in times like this, the nation’s apex office will immediately take appropriate action in order to insure that peace and security of lives and properties are guaranteed without qualms.

Primary Responsibility of Leaders

Are we supposed to remind our leadership of its primary responsibilities? Every year, huge investments are said to be made from the nation’s budget in order to keep us nationally secured but, in spite of the latter, nothing seems to be working anymore except, say, the nonchalant attitude of some of our elected officials vis-à-vis complex issues such as insecurity, unemployment and poverty alleviation. While we keep on hearing the same rhetoric from the nation’s highly regarded office, kidnapping, robbery, and other nebulous acts continue to happen almost routinely.

Good Governance

“We will bring bandits to book,” can’t materialise itself magically, one couldn’t but admit. In fact, we need to stop wasting our time thinking that when we say we’ll deal with bandits and their alter ego, they will immediately be dealt with. No! We need to really and effectively strengthen our security tissue as a matter of urgency. Good governance does it. Good governance does not say it will do it without actually wanting to do it. Good governance begets peace, progress and harmonious coexistence, too.

Good governance makes life easy. It does not make life uneasy… Therefore, we need to act and keep acting for good, country and posterity, thereby keeping in our minds that those who have, sadly, gone to the place-of-no-return were once like us: alive. Alive! As usual, I pray for peace, love and justice to prevail over insecurity, injustice and hatred. May God bless us, our nation, and our common humanity in its entirety.

Adamu Danjuma

Adamu Danjuma holds a B.A. (Hons) in French from University of Ilorin. He is a multilingual speaker, podcaster, and writer. Also an author of Les Larmes d'une Plume Esseulée, his debut poetry collection in French, Adamu's passionate about journalism, quality education for all, and literature from all languages. His forthcoming book is titled This Too Shall Pass.