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Patriotism and Education: A Remedy to Nigeria’s Degrading Infections

It is certain that any Nation or country on Earth that has ever thrived or succeeded in anything must have embraced education, invested hugely in it, and focused so much on propagating it. The essence of education and its need is obviously clear to almost everyone that it’s of no essence to define it. Wealth, power, and fame are all aftermath of education. Education is in contact with and has influenced almost all aspects of life and almost all economic growth and boosting activities. This is why it is a remedy to Nigeria’s degrading infections.

Education: a Weapon to Change the World

In the words of one of the most influential men of this century, Nelson Mandela, he says “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. These words are extremely so pure and true that whenever you look at them in almost all angles, they are very upright and when you weigh them on any scale, they are certainly testified and certified to be true. 

One Nation or country can invade, capture and take over and win a battle against another nation or country, but might end up losing the War. Winning any war takes into consideration winning the hearts of the latter country or nation. And persuading its people spiritually to believe in, not fight back, not to think of revenge, and to forget what has happened. 

But for any country or nation full of a unique psyche and logic, to win a battle and war all together, that Nation or Country would only corrupt and tangle the Educational system of their foe Nation or Country.  

The State of Education in Nigeria

Nigeria is plunged into a dreamy nightmare dilemma, we are very optimistic that our schools ranging from Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools are in a worrying state. These schools lack adequate teaching materials, adequate and supposing infrastructures, and lack competent and qualified teachers and other required personnel and equipment for conducive learning. Moreover, our tertiary institutions are frequently on strike, Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) is not willing to give up and allow the students to continue learning since the government is not making any effect. While at the other hand,  the government is not willing to provide and meet the demands of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU). 

The greatest tool that would change Nigeria is education, so we need to invest wholesomely, hugely, and hectically into it if Nigeria is to change for the better good.


Patriotism is so significant in any country or Nation that it resembles the spinal cord of a human. Any nation or country that slightly has a little defect in the patriotism of its citizens would find it so tedious and complex to accelerate steadily. The love for one’s nation or country plays significantly a huge role in where that Nation or country goes. 

One of the core challenges our dear country, Nigeria is specifically facing is the abandoning and outcasting of patriotism and the love for our dear country. For any country to build patriotism, that country has to embrace the true religion, fear of God, love for the country, believing in the country, and inculcate in the younger and growing ones a ceaseless love for the country and building their mentality and psyche on how significant the country is to them, their parents and their ancestors. If Nigeria would embrace this, certainly we would change by the Grace of God.


For Unity, we uphold the code ‘Unity in Diversity, in the words of the Premier of defunct Northern Nigeria,

Sir Ahmadu Bello “Let us understand our differences”. Factly, Nigeria is a multi-lingual and diversified country with distinguished religions, languages, tribes, customs, and traditions. But what confluence all of us is the single word “Nigeria”. As long as we believe in Nigeria, then we must understand our differences and unite in changing the narrative of our dear country. 

And so, It is said that individualism leads to collectivism and that patience is the greatest blessing any human being can be bestowed with. 

So, Nigeria is a collective obligation on each and every one of us. 

We sit up and tirelessly work individually, as a team, and as a collective entity with a single goal and purpose. In the process, we embrace hope, dedication, fear of God, honesty, patriotism, and every single thing attached with positivity. 

Goal and Purpose of Nigerians

Our Goal and Purpose: To make Nigeria Greater, to inverse Nigeria into what it once was at the initials, to build a better Nigeria in which we, our ancestors, and our children would be proud of, and to make Nigeria Much More Positive than ever before.

But we shouldn’t ignore and forget the fact that whenever we embark on anything positive, wrath would be set upon us and the world would come against us. But our driving locomotive engine is the strong and undying willing power and patience we would continue to believe in, exhibit, and hold on to.

With this, I believe Success would be at our Disposal.

May God help us.

Sulaiman Adamu

Sulaiman Adamu writes from Gombe State. He is a graduate of Gombe High School, a poet, and an essayist. He is the 3rd Prize Winner of the 2021 Nigeria Prize for Teen Authors. Sulaiman is the Author of FROM MY WINDOWPANES, a book that is listed among the Top Ten (10) Best Teen Books for the year 2021 by Konya shamsurimi.