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Nigerian Writers’ Lift: Muhammad Saeed

Welcome to our Nigerian Writers Lift! In this campaign, we aim to promote the profiles of Nigerian writers. With this mission, we have begun to search out all of the accomplished writers of Nigeria and provide a platform for those authors to share their personal stories, accomplishments, and advice. In this profile, you will meet Muhammad Saeed. Please follow the campaign on Instagram @applied_worldwide_ng or on Facebook at Applied Worldwide Nigeria!

Author Profile: Muhammad Saeed

Well, during my secondary school, I was not so much into writing, because it was kinda boring to me & to a greater extent, I had little motivation then. But as soon as entered University, I began to meet with various talented writers & poets and I so much admire their works. Interestingly, when I began to read the works of this Late Nigerian famous writer; Abubakar Gimba, it stirred in me more passion for writing. And it boosted my passion & ambition more when I came across the writings of Chimamanda Ngozhi, another Nigerian famous & amazing writer whose works went & still go a long way in making me believe that “yes” I can also become a great writer got supported by my teammates & it will be a half or a lame detail if I didn’t mention “Aisha Hussain” who single-handedly guided me & put me through some ways on the journey of writing while i was in my level two hundred. And it won’t be a crime to say: I will never forgive myself if I didn’t mention “Applied Worldwide” for the unique support I got from them & also the amazing updates. But until now, I am not yet an independent writer, I write mostly based on contracts but I now with all the inspiration & motivations I have got, want to become an independent writer. I think in brief, this is how I came to enjoy writing.

Publications, Achievements, and Awards

I received my first award from my team “ENACTUS” while I was writing presentations for the team. With this, I was added to the team of Bayero University Kano writers forum and surprisingly I was selected by our chairman to be the chief editor, and I was again given some few people to coach despite the fact that I was just a student like them.

I got another award from Applied Worldwide when I participated in an essay writing competition in the year 2020 and I took 3rd position in the competition.

Best Advice for Aspiring Writers in Nigeria

“Yes, I remembered Olumide my then team lead, he would always tell me with his kind words that Muhammad, “You can actually do it I see the magic in you; You can even write a book with zero budget and I promise you, there are people outside who are ready to support your work, Just be real.” This was his piece of advice to me always. And also Aisha my friend would also always tell me “It will happen only if you start it, so don’t lose hope!” And really, these words & advice really pushed me and moved me some ways.

Muhammad Saeed

Connect with Muhammad Saeed

Twitter: @Msaeed499