Nigeria Police Force: Is The Police Truly Your Friend?

Nigeria has had many experiences regarding police officials and their acts. Nigeria Police Force has been said to use excessive force on people, engaging in corrupt practices and infringing on the privileges of the citizens. These situations have made people lose the hope and hint of trust they might have in the police force.

Nevertheless, It is imperative to know that not all police officials engage in such misconduct; At the same time, some are interested in protecting the country’s citizens, and some don’t have the people’s interest at heart. 

While the Nigerian administration has taken steps to reform the office and solve some issues raised by the citizens of Nigeria, the relationship between the citizen and the Police can only be easily defined because it is complicated and multifaceted.

Nigeria police force

What Citizens Think of the Nigeria Police Force

The mantra that “Police is our friend” is a phrase that many citizens can’t attest to, especially those who relate to the citizens every day. Instead of being friends, they would rather be enemies of the citizens than help them.

They have been cases where police officers have abused citizens publicly and privately, and they have arrested innocent citizens, and that happens every day. The Police go to the extent of inflicting injury on the citizens’ bodies and using their weapons to scare them.

Citizens think of Nigeria Police as the enemy rather than as a friend because of the different destruction the Police have caused. 

Functions Of the Police Office

The primary function of the police force is to provide security for the citizen; below are the functions of the police force, which has been recorded in the federal constitution of Nigeria

• Prevention of Crime

One of the primary duties of a police officer is preventing crime. Controlling a crime is essential; The Police are expected to try as much as possible to reduce crime while enforcing the law and upholding the justice system as much as possible.

• Safeguarding lives

 This is one of the most critical aspects of the police force. The life of every Nigerian citizen is in the hands of the police officials. Police officers are expected to guard their community, the area, and their district and stop crimes that can cause harm to Nigerian citizens.

• Protection of property

 In recent times and in the new world, Many people have costly houses and properties. Police officials are expected to safeguard all properties without favoritism, keeping them away from thieves. Police officials are expected to give everyone a safe life.

• Arresting the offenders

 One of the functions of police officers is arresting suitable offenders. They must track down the offenders, such as the thieves, offenders, and people that commit what they shouldn’t have done. However, the Police are expected to arrest these people but not punish them severely or inflict wounds on them.

• Preserving order

 Law and order are meant to be followed rightly by the citizens. The law should be followed in every community compulsory. Therefore, Nigerian police officials will ensure law and order in every community. When citizens obey the law and hold the order dearly, they will enjoy peace.

• Detecting Crimes

Detecting crime is a factor that an officer should possess. This is essential in keeping the peace of a community and a country. Police officers should be able to detect crime, investigate crimes and catch the instigators as fast as possible, even before it escalates.

Steps Nigeria Government has taken to keep the Police in check

It is no news that recently, citizens, especially youth, called for the reforming of Nigerian Police due to brutality and impulsive actions that they have acted out. Here are some of the steps the government took to reform the force.

• Rebranding

The watchword “police is your friend” has no meaning to the citizens because they haven’t encountered the fact that the Police are their friends. This is mainly because Nigerian Police have a terrible status regarding bribery, corruption, infringing on rights, and brutality. Typically, police stations should be a haven for citizens of the nation, where they report their issues and find solace but never in Nigeria police stations. The government has then taken steps to make the Police follow through with these actions by providing the necessities for citizens. The changing of uniforms has started, but there is more to rebranding than changing names and uniforms.

• Funding

One of the main issues of the Police is insufficient funds. The inadequate provision of funds for officials responsible for maintaining law and order is disheartening. Inadequate funding can’t be argued that it has contributed to the bribery that they receive from citizens; due to this, too, the officials have no weapons to save the city from havoc. However, the government has promised to raise their salaries and wages and, in turn, perform their duties dutifully.

• Re-Orientation

 Re-orientation is needed for police officials in this modern world. They should be training retreats for either the new officials or the old. The government promised to renew the various training colleges with the right equipment and good teachers.


Not one or two people have faced the brutality of police forces recently. The Police have done more harm than good to the citizens of Nigeria, and I don’t think any Nigeria will count the Police as a friend; the Police need a whole lot of restructuring and discipline.

Babayemi Oluwatofunmi Racheal

I am Babayemi Oluwatofunmi Racheal, a content writer and a game writer. I also create content on instagram and write content on different niches.