How to Efficiently Use Your Jamb Score in 2023

Many students are discouraged by their low Jamb scores and require assistance to be admitted. Some students’ dreams have been dashed because they did not achieve the school’s cut-off mark, which results in either being denied admission or being admitted to a course of study they are not interested in. This article offers solutions to these problems and discusses how to use your Jamb score in 2023. Research the cutoff scores for your preferred schools, choose the right course subjects, and transfer to a different institution for better offers.

Table of content

  • Doing your own research (cut-off mark, subject combination)
  • Considering a change of course of study
  • Considering the change of institution 
Jamb score in 2023

Ways to use your jamb score in 2023

Doing Your Own Research

Cognitive research would aid in the process of becoming familiar with the school’s requirements. Additionally, it teaches you how to recognize and manage your expectations. The following are significant pointers to remember as you conduct your research:

  • Check if the institution offers your area of specialization 

This is very important because it enables you to determine whether the institution you have chosen offers the specialization you want. Check to see if the institution is still offering the course before applying to any one of the institutions of your choice. There may be instances where a particular course is offered to current students, and the school decides not to enroll a new group of students for that course. 

You can still check to see if you are on the right track even if you did not look at the specialization option before applying. If you select a course that your preferred institution does not currently offer, regardless of how well you scored on the Jamb, you will not be admitted.

  • Check your cutoff score to know if you qualify for the course.

You can check the cutoff scores before or after the test by visiting this page. The necessary qualifications may be based on your O’level, post-UTME, or Jamb score in a given percentage. A specific mark is assigned for each course of study based on these results.

NB: Since some schools do not write post-UTME, it is best to check the requirements of the school and follow them. 

  • Calculating your cut-off score – calculating your cut-off score would help you to know if you are eligible for the course. It is essential to adhere strictly to the school’s calculation template. You can check the school’s grading system on their website for the template to have an idea of how it works.
  • Check if you meet the cut-off mark – checking if you meet the cut-off mark can only imply two things. It is either you qualify for the course and wait for the admission list or you did not meet the requirement and do not eligible for admission. This prepares you to know your chances and look out for ways on how well you can utilize your score.


A change of course, is advisable if you do not meet the school’s cut-off mark. It might give you leverage if your calculated cut-off mark is higher than the course cut-off mark you are choosing. 

Below are the important things to note if you are considering this option:

  • Check if you meet up with the department’s cut-off mark 
  • Compare the required subject combination of the course if it tallies with yours
  • Go for a less competitive course.


Most federal universities set their benchmark high, which makes it overly competitive to have a chance of studentship in the school. However, it is important to note that other state universities would gladly welcome you to their schools and give you your preferred course of study.

Here are the three crucial tips to look out for before changing your institution

  • Check if you meet up with the cut-off mark

It is important not to make the same mistakes over and over again. Once you’ve verified the school’s cut-off mark and your score is within or more than the range, you are good to go to change schools.

  • Make findings about the school fees – Most people gain admission but cannot proceed with the process of admission because they cannot afford it. This would help to filter your search to schools that are in line with your educational budget.
  • Make sure you make the institution you just changed your first choice to avoid disqualification.

In conclusion, careful planning, strategic preparation, and a focused mindset are required if you want to maximize your JAMB score in 2023. You can increase your chances of getting accepted to the school that will best suit your grade by using the advice provided in this article.

Starting the process early is crucial, and if you have a post-utme to write, make use of a variety of study resources to gain a thorough understanding of the subjects.

Finally, keep a positive attitude throughout the process. Recognize that universities consider a number of factors in addition to your JAMB score when determining your eligibility for admission. Don’t give up, keep trying, look into other options, make the most of your opportunities, and stand out from the competition.

Titilayo Akinola

Titilayo Akinola is a content writer and copywriter. She attends Olabisi Onabanjo University and currently studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering. She is passionate about helping people, expanding her horizon, and learning new things. She loves to meet new people especially people with positive energy and go-getters. She believes in starting over and over again till you get there because failure is a path to build a success story.