Has the New Nigerian President Met the Expectations of Nigeria?

Prior to the time, the new Nigerian president was to be sworn in, citizens of Nigeria were filled with hope for a new Nigeria. Despite the failure they faced from the past regime. The President, among many other things, is expected to turn Nigeria into a country favorable to the masses.

The citizens of Nigeria were sure that the new President understood the ills and problems they had faced in the last regime. The new President, Bola Asiwaju Tinubu, promised to put Nigeria in a better place. And find solutions to ethnic war, educational barriers, electricity, and many amenities that must be provided for the citizens.

New Nigerian president

It is no news that if the new President is to fulfill all his promises, he will be Nigerian’s favorite President of all time. The question to ask ourselves is whether they still hope for Nigerians to come across the New Nigeria. Or should we still believe that the President just got to his seat in less than 3 months and needs a little time to strategize?

The President not only promised to curb corruption while setting up anti-corruption organizations but also top-notch security, gross domestic production growth, reduction in unemployment, smooth education, provision of infrastructure and basic amenities, and solving oil subsidies which favors all.

We understand that the President didn’t meet Nigeria at its best nor in its best economic-political situation but has the President done one or two things for the citizens? We check this out below and analyze how it has affected the citizens positively or negatively.

Below are some things the new President has done since his swearing-in.

• Had a meeting with the 36 States governors.

A new president must put up his house to avoid complications and problems, which President Tinubu has done. In this meeting, the President made sure that the governors of each state kept the differences apart and focused on lifting the entire country. It was made under compulsion that all the governors must put their heads together to listen to the pains of the citizens and help them alleviate them. 

The President also told them the whole country must be seen as one big family and that the excellent leadership of the governors will provide for the future of the Citizens. While this has been said, are we feeling the impact of the word in Nigeria or each state?

• Met with oil marketers

President Tinubu met with Oil marketers for them to work together hand in hand to majorly keep the country going. One of the main reasons he met with them was the challenges of oil subsidies. However, with the result of the meeting, the oil marketers promised to donate about 50 seater buses to help citizens. With these buses, transport fares can at least be reduced and easily payable, which can positively affect the subsidy removal in the next month.

The oil marketers weren’t the only ones President Tinubu decided to have connections with within the oil industry. He also met with the Exxon’s mobile executive to plan for the future of Nigeria regarding the oil industry. No doubt the fuel subsidy is affecting the citizens of Nigeria; should we still hope that it becomes better in the long run? The fuel subsidy affects Nigerians to the extent that people would rather walk than leave their houses with their cars.

• Had a meeting with the security officials.

It is no doubt that one of Nigeria’s needed breakthroughs is security. Nigeria needs to be secured, at least not to the extent it is meant to be saved. President Tinubu met with the security officials and told them about the importance of information. Most of all, he also told them how communication matters so much and that these two essential things can solve a lot concerning security.

President Tinubu also made the importance of knowledge known. He said that for them to become more economically grounded, security should be the number one duty every country doesn’t take lightly. Has Nigeria been secured to an extent?

• Met with the NLC

President Tinubu made sure he met with the NLC and made a deal with him which. He made them promise that they would suspend their strikes and make sure that they don’t protest over the fuel subsidy.

However, the President reached an agreement with the NLC, which involved 7 important agreements for them to abort the strike, and he made that with some other labor unions. Have we heard of any strikes recently? We may be on the right path. We will know this sooner or later.

• Signed Electricity Bill 2023 into law

One challenge that Nigeria faces a lot is the need for more electricity. Does the signed Bill mean that Nigerians get to have unlimited electricity? The Bill signed was to de-monopolize the national level by giving each state electricity.

By signing the law, President Tinubu has decided that state governments and companies can generate and distribute electricity to their state. Has the electricity issue changed in your city? There might have been slight changes, but it will be right if we watch it for more time.


Are Nigerians making up their mind too fast about who President Tinubu is? Or are we right about him? Will he prove us wrong? Would we enjoy Nigeria?

Babayemi Oluwatofunmi Racheal

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