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Effects of ASUU strike

Education in Nigeria: Effects of the ASUU Strike in Nigeria

The byword is in the mouth of any student who is on the receiving end of the effects of the ASUU strike on education in Nigeria. The current strike is a perturbing event that causes so many occlusions to the destinies of the awaiting students; for cutting the medium of their learning.

In any way or the other, it has stymied the multiple ongoing processes of making the society resistant to the incoming thunderous threats; from being feigned by any means that resulted from the dangerous attack of analphabetism. However, it has been both a physical and emotional problematic factor in the country at large, and on education in Nigeria specifically.

Effects of ASUU Strike on Education in Nigeria

The chapter of the so-called boring strike, it blocks the income chain of millions of Nairas for the government, which are earned through the students; registration fees by the newly admitted students, and even the returning ones.

Behind the effect caused by the strike for the reduction of income to the government, there are some who depend on their businesses within the universities; who have computers for printing, photocopying, as well as handouts selling. Also, there are restaurants in the same venue and some shops of traders. Having dropped a thought about them, one will pitifully understand that now they are jobless or underemployed.

Impact of ASUU Strike in Nigeria on Students

Same to the students in the effective vein, it is undoubtedly agreeable that students forget what they have learned from the school during the strike. While, the strike is the accepted factor that makes thousand of students undergo deviant path; they normally have the thought of being involved in drug addiction, kidnapping, stealing and so many negative deeds in societies.

Resulting from they (students) having nothing to do but spend their days struggling instead of going to lecture halls and spending their nights watching movies instead of reading their handouts.

Another effective medium is, that it also lengthens the calendar of the students; that is, it changes the curriculum of the lessons, instead of the October plan, that will be taken to December or another year.

In order to spend the exact time of the degree program according to the duration of the course one offered, due to the menace of the strike it changes to be within the more years as expected; for example, one has to spend four years to study economics, due to the strike, then one will spend five to six years before reaching the line of his graduation.

Future of Education in Nigeria

With that, how will a country be addressed as the developed one with this kind of saddened educational background? How do you expect to see a very good chance in life? How do you expect the continuous flow of illiteracy down to the upcoming generation? and how do you expect to get through the stream of dreams of the citizens for leaving their children with knowledge as an asset of life? How will that shade of difficulties have vanished without knowledge?

Until the government has paid the maximum average of attention to the effects of the strike on the citizens and made a good graspable measure to stop the eroding factor as the strike; to meet the required attention to the educational sector and the lecturers. While, ASUU has to ponder about anything that has to happen, happening, or that is done as a result of their strike and reckon to be of the students as any lecturer’s son or daughter.

Meanwhile, government and ASUU should meet in the path of rebuilding a new Nigeria and come across the dream of any patriotic; to withdraw any macrocosm of illiteracy within the country for the betterment of today and tomorrow for the current and the future generation.

Final Thoughts on Education in Nigeria and Effects of the ASUU Strike in Nigeria

Conclusively, I hope that Nigeria will come across the everlasting dreams of her citizens; to be brimmed with any fanatical blessings of educational flow, and be the remain of aeonian peace and unity – I hope.

The Nigerian Government Has Failed To Salvage the Education Sector, Education in Nigeria: Effects of the ASUU Strike in Nigeria

Abubakar Muhammad Usman

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