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Afefeyéyé Restaurant and Bar: Top Culture-Themed Restaurant in Lagos

Best Culture-Themed Restaurant in Lagos: Afefeyéyé Restaurant and Bar 

The Yorubas, the second largest ethnic group in Nigeria, are well-known for their art, music, and style. Their love for celebrating every important moment with lively festivals and merriments (Afefeyéyé) inspired the creation of the best culture-themed restaurant in Lagos, Afefeyéyé Restaurant and Bar.  

Located in a serene environment in Ikeja, Lagos, Afefeyéyé’ is an ever-buzzing culture hub with a blend of virtually everything fun. Considering its ambiance, warm and colorful setting, and different compartments and events, here are five (5) reasons Afefeyéyé Restaurant and Bar is one of the best culture-themed restaurants in Lagos. 

best culture-themed restaurant in Lagos
  1. A True Sense of Place 

Sense of place is either the specific details in a place that makes it what it is or the exact feeling you get from being in such a place. Anyhow you see it, Afefeyéyé Restaurant and Bar always fits the bill.  

From the murals to the songs, live bands, menu, and colorful and animated setting, this restaurant and bar has details that make it a proper culture-themed restaurant. 

Also, for the feeling you get when you visit this cultural hub, it oozes a true sense of place. The artistic energy I felt during my visit to Afefeyéyé is giving. 

2. Staffing-up to Preach a Gospel 

During the visit to Afefeyéyé, I noticed how the staff’s appearance and aura contributed to the overall ambiance. In the lounge, the ‘Enkunle Bar,’ ‘Ire o,’ the restaurant, and the other areas, the staff wore cultural attires like ‘kembe,’ a Yoruba trouser, and other clothing items that fit the ambiance perfectly. 

And when I got the ‘Ire o’ (goodbye) greeting, I confirmed I was at a true Yoruba culture hub.  

3. ‘Food for Thought’ 

Afefeyéyé’s menu list prompts a culture-themed thought as you place your order. A few of the meals on the culture-themed menu include:  

Photograph of food from Afefeyéyé Restaurant and Bar
  • ‘Babami’s Signature Jollof Rice,’ 
  • ‘Efo Riro,’  
  • ‘Eja Osan,’  
  • ‘Faaji Kelele Platter,’  
  • ‘Eran’gbe Platter,’  
  • ‘Edikaikong,’  
  • ‘Moi Moi Elemi Meje by Afefeyéyé’ and many more. 

Based on my experience, I’ll recommend the ‘Babami’s Signature Jollof Rice’ for your main meal whenever you visit. As for the ‘asun’ and pepper soups, the few I tried are enough to warn you to stay off if you don’t enjoy spicy foods. If you know how much the Yorubas like their pepper, you will understand this is not a place to start trying them out.   

4. The KAP Hub Connection 

Afefeyéyé is a subsidiary of KAP Hub, an acronym for Kunle Afolayan Production Hub. KAP Hub is a creative cultural center owned by Nigerian actor, film producer, and director Kunle Afolayan.  

Kunle Afolayan and Okunaya Israel at Afefeyeye restaurant

You can perceive his love for the expressions of the Nigerian culture and his Yoruba roots in his restaurant and bar: Afefeyéyé.  

5. ‘Chambers of the Heart’ 

Like the heart has chambers that work for the same purpose, Afefeyéyé restaurant and bar is a perfect blend of fitting chambers.  

There is the ‘Enkunle Bar’ where you can have your quiet time like it is in your backyard or host a swell time with your friends. Then, you have the restaurant where you feel the ambiance while working or having a date.  

Also, the lounge upstairs has a unique cultural feel. The lounge hosts a live band performance every Thursday, and on Friday, there is the ‘Old School’ night. Also, another bar is close to the entrance for grills and a different version of nightlife.  

My Personal Review of Afefeyéyé Restaurant and Bar

Having made a ‘work-and-relax’ visit to Afefeyéyé Restaurant and Bar with a friend, here’s a personal review on the food and detailing as well as the service delivery. 

First, there’s that attention to detail when it comes to how this place presents its scenery, staff, service, and delivery. When we visited Afefeyeye, I confirmed all I had read about this spot. It was as I spoke of above, we noticed how the staff here dressed to match the cultural theme and to detail the place.  

Aside from the detailing through art murals, scenery, and lights in the lounge (the Enkunle Bar), the restaurant, and other areas, the servers also had their signature kembe, which confirmed the genuineness of the whole cultural experience Afefeyeye Restaurant and Bar offers. 

Food and General Service

For the food and general service delivery, aside from having to wait slightly longer than usual for our orders, the servers here were informed and kept it professional.  

It was crystal clear they understood the menu inside out. This helps especially with indigenous food if I must add. They understood and added credence to the cultural theme Afefeyeye delivers. Also, they were generally very attentive to our needs, which is a plus, in my opinion. 

I should add that I got the chance to take pictures with Kunle Afolayan, which is another pleasant icing on the cake. 

Final Thoughts

Afefeyéyé Restaurant and Bar duly earns its place as one of the best culture-themed restaurants in Lagos with its setting, menu, and detailing. After having a swell time at Afefeyéyé, you can also try out any other themed restaurants in Lagos

Overall, another chance to visit Afefeyeye again, but, this time, with more friends and hopefully, less wait time? Yes, please! 

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