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20 Security Measures To Practice in Nigeria

The issue of insecurity in Nigeria is one of the grave drawbacks affecting the people of the country. Reports still fly in daily about criminal activities and the lack of citizen protection happening in states all over the country. In such a case, personal security measures are very important things to keep. In this article, we’ll discuss a few security measures to practice if you’re in Nigeria. Some of these measures can also be practiced outside the country.

security measures to practice

1. Avoid rude and drunk drivers:

Coming from personal experience with a few of them, you want to make sure whoever is driving you to wherever you’re going isn’t drunk and can clearly handle the driving wheels. This is very important if you live in low profile areas in the country, as drivers from these regions tend to be more rough and untrained. So it’s very important you make a good observation before hopping into any car or bus you see either at the park or by the roadside.

2. Don’t use an ATM machine after 10:30 pm:

This can’t be stressed enough, criminals have been hijacking money from victims at the ATM machine during the night since the dawn of time. To keep yourself safe, it’s advisable you keep whatever you want to do at the machine till the next morning. Going to the Atm in a desolated area can bring about uninteresting consequences, so watchout.

3. Don’t travel by road after 8pm:

The case of abduction and kidnapping is also a thing in Nigeria. Traveling after 8 pm is not an encouraging thing to do currently in the country. Because the roads won’t only be dark, but also silent. Help might not be available when necessary, in cases like robbery or accident or just anything that might threaten one’s peace on the road. Traveling during the day is better.

4. Don’t share sensitive information on social media platforms:

Be careful with what you share on your social media account. Sharing sensitive information about yourself or family can attract criminals and the people you don’t want into your life and house. In this age where information is crucial, it’d be wise not to put everything that’s happening in your life or your kids’ or partner’s life on social media platforms.

5. Be careful when helping strangers with a lift:

Anytime you decide to give a random person a lift in your car, be observant of where they’re heading to. Helping random strangers at times can be consequential. Always make sure to scrutinize their request and locations and make sure they won’t in any way implicate or harm you before you consent to help them.

6. Make a good inquiry about a location before moving there:

Before relocating to any new locality, always make sure to make extensive research on the house and the entire neighborhood. Some neighborhoods are straight-up troubled by criminals and noises from different organizations. To give yourself peace of mind, you should make your findings before moving.

7. Maintain a good relationship with your neighbors:

Always maintain a good relationship with your neighbors in your apartment and neighborhood. It’s good to be in accord with your neighbors because they’re like the closest family you can have in your area. They can help and assist you during emergency periods and can watch your back when you’re not around.

8. Don’t walk alone in shady areas at night:

Avoid walking in dark and dry areas at night. No one can tell what dangers might be lurking around there. The best safe is to move where there’s light and people.

9. Fence your house:

If you have the money to erect a fence in your house, you should totally do so. Having a fence around your apartment can help tighten the security in your house and stop random people or criminals from invading your space and personal property.

10. Don’t text and walk:

When walking on the road either during the day or night, always keep your phone in your pocket. If you have anything important to do on your phone, wait till you move to a more secure location before doing it. Text walking has cost so many lives in the country. Your phone might get snatched away from you if you don’t pay attention to your environment as well. It’s important not to do this when you’re strolling by the roadside.

11. Use reliable network service:

Always make sure you’re using a reliable network connection incase of emergency or if you’re a remote worker. This will help improve your productivity and you can easily get in touch with your families over the call or through the internet if necessary.

12. Don’t live too far away from close families or relatives:

Always make sure you have a close family or relatives around where you stay. Having someone you can trust is important in case you need anyone to stand in for you on anything.

13. Avoid taking drugs and alcohol:

Avoid taking hard drugs or alcohol when you go to nightclubs or shows. Drugs and alcohol can mess up your mental health and also expose you to severe numbers of dangers like theft, abduction, and others. Always avoid taking them when you’re out on shows and events outside the comfort of your home.

14. Don’t move around with heavy cash:

Don’t go walking around with heavy cash in your pocket or wallet. Also, avoid showing them off when buying something in a public place. It’s in the habit of many Nigerians to bring out all their cash when trying to pay a customer. This is risky and can attract criminals.

15. Have a first aid kit in your house:

Having a first aid kit should be on every Nigerian’s list. It might be a cut from a blade or a minor accident. A first aid kit can go a long way in addressing the situation.

16. Always keep a fire extinguisher in your house:

Having a fire extinguisher can help eliminate the fire threat in the house. Many fire incidents could have been easily stopped if there’s a fire extinguisher available in the house. This should also be on every Nigerian’s radar.

17. Insure your properties:

Having your properties insured with a standard insurance company guarantees you get them back after any loss or damage. For example, if you lost your car to an accident or perhaps to a robbery. If insured with a reliable insurance company, you’ll get a brand-new car.

18. Have a personal doctor and lawyer:

Always have a personal doctor who can attend to your medical life on a personal level. Same with a lawyer to protect you on the legal side. Both are very important because health and legal issues in Nigeria can be strenuous.

19. Unplug all unused appliances before leaving for work:

Before leaving for work or traveling away from your house, always make sure to remove all unused appliances from the wall socket. Electric surge is a thing, and this can damage your appliances if not prevented.

20. Avoid staying late at work.


Personal security should be peremptory to everyone irrespective of their state or country. These tips are here to guide you on your path and help improve your daily security awareness. Make sure you add them to your to-do list and watch out for any dangers that might be looming around. Remember, the goal is to stay safe.

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